Broadcast your Earning Calls, AGMs, Roadshows and Analyst Meetings on a live or archived basis. Vectra provides a range of services in its IR Webcast bouquet which includes, live audio or video broadcast; archiving; sending invitations to investors, analysts, brokers, HNIs to view the webcast; web-enabling the financial result in downloadable format; online dissemination of the press release and media tracking for 1 month. Vectra also allows you to brand the audience interface, create custom registration pages, manage audience interactivity and web-enable your financial documents.


  • AGM/Shareholder Meetings
  • Investor Conferences
  • Analysts Meets
  • Investor Meets
  • Earnings Conference Call

Key Benefits:

  • Increase reach and comply with SEBI guidelines
  • Reduce conference call costs
  • Deliver a consistent message worldwide
  • Make available anytime, anywhere
  • Attract new investors